If you don't have an account in Countr POS, you can create your account in two ways:

Via the online dashboard

1. Go to http://dashboard.countrhq.com/signup

2. Fill in all the fields

3. Once you finish creating an account, you'll be automatically logged in to your Online Dashboard

In your Online Dashboard, you can create a store, manage your products and inventory, see reports, etc. Please visit our complete help articles about the Online Dashboard.

  1. To start selling with Countr POS, you need to download Countr POS app on your iOS or Android device.

Via the Countr App on your device

  1. Open the Countr POS app on your device and click Sign up

  2. Fill in all the fields

  3. When a new device is used, you'll need to register the device by giving it a name

  4. Select the store currency

  5. You'll logged in to Countr POS

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