To get started quickly with your own products on the POS, you can link your online e-commerce store to the POS and download your products.

If you don't have an e-commerce store and don't have any products yet, you can head on over to your to start creating products by following the steps described in this article:

Step 1: Setting up your store(s)

When you sign in to your dashboard, head on over to the Stores menu. Here you can

choose Create New and fill out all the store details. When you’re done hit Save and your new store is created. You can add as many stores as you like.

Step 2: Creating your products

After you’ve created your stores and receipts you can add your products. You can get

started by going to Catalog and selecting Create New. You can now fill out all the

product details. You can also add variants if you need, for example different colors and

sizes. As soon as you are done you can Save the product.

Step 3: Adding inventory

You can also add inventory to your products. You do this on a product level by opening a product via Edit. Make sure you don’t have ‘Don’t track stock’ ticked and open the
‘Advanced’ product tab. Now select the store for which you want to add stock and tick
‘Available in this store’ and untick ‘ Stock Quantity Not Tracked’. You can now add the stock per variant. If the product is available in multiple stores, repeat this process.

Once you're ready you can refresh your products in the POS to show your new products. You do that by going to Settings>Account>Refresh Products

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