How to create table layout

Learn how to create, edit, and delete table layout on your Online Dashboard

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The table layout feature on Countr POS allows you to create a virtual version of your physical table layout. This way, you can easily assign orders on the POS under the appropriate tables.

Note: This feature only available if you purchase the Table Layout extension

If you want your table layout to appear on the POS, you'll need to create it first on your Online Dashboard. Here's how:

  • Click 'Table Layout' from the left-side menu

  • Select the store that you want to create the table layout for

  • Type in the floor name (e.g. ground floor, first floor, etc.) and click 'Create Floor'

  • Choose a floorplan from 'Select Floorplan' dropdown menu. If you have multiple floors in your restaurant/cafe, you can add another floorplan by clicking the plus (+) button next to the 'Select Floor' dropdown menu

  • You'll see an empty square box (this is your floor area)

  • Click '+ Add objects' button to add tables or objects (e.g. wall, stairs, balcony, etc.)

  • Choose the appropriate table shape or object and it will appear on the square box area

  • To move and resize the table, you need to 'Enable Drag/Drop/Resize' option in the top right section

  • When you hover your cursor to the default table name (e.g. round table 1), a dropdown menu will appear. Here you can:

  1. rename the table by clicking 'table name'

  2. delete the table by clicking 'remove table'

  3. make a duplicate of the selected table shape and size by clicking 'duplicate table'

  4. rotate the table by clicking 'rotate table'

Once you have finished creating your layout, click 'Save Layout' button in the top right corner.

To delete an entire floorplan, choose the floorplan from the 'Select Floor' drop down menu and click on the 'Remove floorplan' button.

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