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Importing your products to Countr using a CSV file
Importing your products to Countr using a CSV file

Add your products all at once using a CSV file

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You can add your products to Countr one by one, or you can use our importing feature to add products in one list. If you switched from another platform to Countr, importing is the simplest way. 

Preparing your CSV file

  • Sign in to your Online Dashboard and go to Assortment > Import/Export

  • Download our pre-made CSV template

  • Open the file in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or use free spreadsheet software such as Google Docs, Open Office, or Libre Office

  • Add your products to the file. Please ensure that you have filled all the mandatory field, otherwise the CSV will not import.

    Note: if you are updating your existing items, you may want to start by exporting your products instead. This way, your CSV file will have each item's Product Id, Tax Id, and Category Id.

How do I fill the CSV template?

In our pre-made template, row 2 - 13 provide instructions on how to use the template. You can leave the rows there or delete them. Deleting the rows will not have any effect on your import. However, you must keep all columns and headers the same. If you delete a column or change a header name, the system will not recognise the template upon import. 

The following table gives you more information on how to fill the data in each column (click the image to zoom in).

Important note:

  • Do not change the column headers and dividers between sections

  • Ensure that the "TaxId", "CategoryId", "AddonId", and "ProductId" columns contain unique ID. If the ID is duplicated, the CSV file will be rejected

  • For numeric values, decimal symbol must be set as a period "." e.g. 17.75

  • Make sure you don't save the file in the default file format of the application you're using. The file needs to be saved in .csv format.

Uploading your CSV file 

  • After you have filled out the template, save the file in .csv format. Please note that only CSV file format is compatible with our importing tool

  • To upload the CSV file, go to Assortment > Import/Export. In the "Upload your file" section, click "Choose file" button. and select the file from your computer

During the import, our system will run a quick check to make sure your CSV's columns match. It will also check for any formatting issues or errors such as mandatory fields and column headings. If Countr detects any errors, you will see detailed information about the error and any corrective actions you need to take before relaunching an import. Once you've made the required changes, reimport your CSV file.

If you're still unable to upload the file correctly, please contact our support team.

Import/export overview

Once the upload is complete, our system will display a summary of the import. This includes a list of all successfully imported items, such as:

  • new products: number of products created

  • updated products: number of products updated

  • new categories: total number of new categories created

  • updated categories: number of categories updated

  • new taxes: number of taxes created

  • updated taxes: number of taxes updated

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