Setting up your stores

How to add new store, set currency, and assign employees

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Countr allows you to create as many stores as you like and assign relevant products to each store. 

To create a new store:

  • Sign in to your Countr Dashboard and click "Stores" in the left side column. This will take you to the "Stores" page, and will open to a drop-down menu under "Stores" in the left side column. 

  • Click the "+ Add store" button

  • Fill in all the relevant info (store name, preferred currency, store address, employee access, etc.)

  • Select employees that you want to assign to this store. Note: First, you need to set up the employee access and roles under Employees menu in the left side column

  • Once you finish, click the "Save" button. Your new store can be found under the "Stores" area in the left-side column

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