Setting receipt layout

Customise your receipt by adding logo, store address, header and footer

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After you've created your stores, you can edit your receipt(s). 

  • Log in to your Countr Online Dashboard

  • Click "Stores" in the left side column. This will take you to the "Stores" page, and will open to a drop-down menu under "Stores" in the left side column. 

  • Select "Receipt Layout" from the menu under "Stores" in the left-side column

  • Choose which store's receipt layout you would like to edit. If you don't set different receipt for each store, it will take the settings from "Default receipt"

  • To edit the image (logo) at the top of the receipt, hover your mouse over the image and select the box that appears below

  • To edit your address, click the top box and type your new text

  • To select text size, bold, text alignment, or replace text with a photo, select any of the following options from the text menu pictured below

  • To add another tex box, click on any of the top boxes and select "Add" from the text menu

  • To remove a text box, select the box you wish to remove and click "Remove" from the text menu

  • To edit your footer text, select the footer text box and type your text. To further edit your text, see above steps for detailed editing

  • To save your receive layout, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page

  • Click "Refresh your Account info" in the POS app to reflect these changes

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