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Add your product stocks and assign different products to different stores

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If you have Countr Advanced or Pro subscription, you can manage your product inventory. Here's how:

  • Click on "Assortment" in the left-side menu column and choose "Stock"

  • Select the store in which you wish to update inventory. You can also filter the products by the inventory type (i.e., All inventory, In stock, Low stock, Out of stock)

  • You will see all the products that are assigned to the store

  • Update inventory by choosing either the "+" button to add more stock or "-" button to remove the stock. Once you're done, click the blue "v" button to save.

Pro tip: Try our import/export stock feature to minimise your time adding the stock one by one! However, import/export product stock can only be done in a store level.

  • Click the "Import/Export Stock" button to import or export your product stock all at once

  • To export the current stock of this store, click on the "Export stock" button. A CSV file will be downloaded automatically to your computer

  • You can add or remove the current item's unit and save the file once you finish

  • To import the new stock level, click on the "Import stock" button

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