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What is the best way to reach the support?
What is the best way to reach the support?
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If you have trouble with your cash register, the fastest way to reach us is via the in-app support chat. Why?

When you send us an in-app chat, our system will automatically get all your account details. Thus, allowing us to see what went wrong on the account and solve the problem quicker. 

How to access the in-app support chat?

  • Countr App: On the left-hand side menu, click on Support and directly type in your questions

  • Countr Web, Desktop, Dashboard: On the bottom right corner, click on the support icon (see image below). Click on "New Conversation" and type in your questions

  • For urgent support, such as not being able to register payments, or POS not working. You can contact us at 0348 449582, within communicated service windows. If your subscription package doesn't include telephone service support, additional costs may occur.

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