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How to add employee PINs
How to add employee PINs

Adding employees

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Follow the steps below to set up employee PINs for your business.

Step 1 - send us the details 

To add employee PINs you need to send a message to containing:

  1. The email address of the employee

  2. The 4 digit PIN you want set up for the employee

  3. The employee name

  4. The PIN you want to use for admin purposes

You should send these details for all the employees you want to have a unique id. We'll set up the employees and PINs for you. Your original account (that you used to sign up) will be turned into the Admin account. We add the admin PIN to this account.

Step 2 - POS setup 

After the feature is activated you need to set it up in the POS.

First you need to refresh your account information. You do this by going to Menu>Settings>Account>Refresh Account Info. When this is refreshed you need to set up the PINs.

You do this by going to Menu>Setting>Account> and enable employee PIN. You can now choose which pages you want to be restricted for your employees (e.g. reports, transactions, cash drawer).

After this is set up you can test if it works by going to 'Lock' in the menu. You will now be presented a screen in which you have to fill out the PIN. If you fill out your admin PIN you should be able to access every page. When you sign in with the employee PIN, you shouldn't be able to access restricted areas.

You can always see who is signed in by looking at the grey bar on the top of the app in the right corner. You can choose to print this information on the receipts in Menu>Settings>General>Show employee info on receipt.

Want to use a barcode to sign in?

We can also assign your employees a barcode, which means they can scan this to sign in instead of having to enter a PIN. This can be any barcode, for example a personal code that you generate for them and print on a badge for them, or their Bonuskaart.

To set this up, please send us a picture of the barcode and the employee you want this barcode to link to.

Have a question about this? Don't hesitate to reach out at

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