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Processing partial payments
Processing partial payments

Let your customer pay separately by using partial payments

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The Countr POS allows you to process partial payments. These could be using a combination of payment methods, such as Cash, Card, BitCoin, Giftcards and such.

In order to process partial payment, you need to follow these steps

Step 1
Fill the Cart with all the items that need to be billed and select Pay

Step 2
On the Payment Screen, you can enter the amount you want to pay now

Step 3
Select the Payment method for the partial payment

Step 4
A Partial Payment popup will appear, once the payment has gone through select Confirm Payment

Step 5
Repeat the payment steps as many times in as many denominations as your customers prefer till the whole billed amount has been payed.

Partial payments freeze up the order until the payment is complete. If you quickly have to do something in between customers paying, you can switch to a new order. If the customer will pay much later, Pay Later may be a good option for you.
You can see how it's done on the screen share video tutorial below

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