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Exchanging product and starting a new transaction on a refund receipt
Exchanging product and starting a new transaction on a refund receipt
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If a customer wants to exchange the product they bought, you can register the exchange on the POS.ย 

To enable this feature, please go to Settings > Sale > Allow product exchanges

In order to process the exchange, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Transactions and select the transaction that you want to exchange

2. Click the Exchange button

3. Select the item that customer wishes to exchange and adjust the quantity

4. Click the Exchange button

5. You'll see the product screen with the exchanged item in the cart

6. Select an item for the exchange. In this case, we want to exchange Parka Winter Coat M to L.

7. If the customer doesnt want to buy anything else, you can close the sale by clicking Pay button. If the customer also wants to buy other items, you can start adding those items on the same cart. In this example, we add Marrakesh Mirror and Colorful Shorts.

8. Once you finish, click on Pay button to proceed to payment.

9. On the Transaction page, you'll see 2 transactions have been registered. One for the exchanged product, and the second one is for the additional items that were bought.


That's all! We also made a beautiful snapshots to summarise all those steps above!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help!

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