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Connecting Worldline to Countr
Connecting Worldline to Countr

How to connect your Worldline terminal to the Countr app, so that you can seamlessly take card payments in your store

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To set up your Worldline Yomani terminal with Countr, simply follow the steps below. At the moment this will only work for iOS users. As soon as Android becomes available as well we will let you know. 

Step 1 Set up Worldline in Countr

  • Open your Countr app on the iPad and go to Menu>Settings>Payment>Card and choose Worldline. You will now see an alert with your IP address in it. Save this, as you will need it in the next steps. 

Step 2 Connect Worldline to your WLAN

  • First power on your terminal by connecting it to the power supply. To access the terminal menu, press Stop > OK > Menu.

  • Within the menu, now press 3. Terminal Setup > 5. Wireless Settings and enter the merchant password (typically the last four digits of the terminal ID) and press OK.

  • Now go to 1. WLAN Settings >2. Add WLAN > 2. Scan. A list of available wireless networks is shown, select your WLAN, enter a name for your network and press OK.

  • Now enter your WLAN key and enter a priority for the network. The terminal will select the network with the highest priority (0) as it starts and press OK. The terminal should now display a confirmation that the WLAN has been added.

Step 3 Include your device in the ECR Settings

Before you do this, please make sure that the ECR Protocol is set to CTEP and the ECR Configuration is set to TCP/IP. If you need help with this, please contact Worldline directly. 

  • Once you are ready to continue select Stop > OK > Menu to access the terminal menu. Now press 3. Terminal Setup > 10. Next (0 on your keypad).

  • Press 3. Merchant Settings and enter your merchant password and press OK.

  • Now press 10 > 1. ECR Settings > 2. Add an ECR device and enter a label/name for the connection. Press OK once you are done,  for example: "Register 10".

  • Enter the Hostname (IP address) of your tablet that you found in Countr in Step 1 of this article. Between each separate number of the IP address, press OK. For example: 191> OK > 164 > OK > 0 > OK > 125 > OK

  • Press OK and enter the port number (9000) and press OK again.

  • Select 1. List ECR Devices and select the device by name. Now press Select to verify the IP address and yes when prompted “Select this ECR device?”.

  • Now press Stop until you have returned to the home screen.

You should now be able to make sales directly connected to Worldline. If you have any questions about this, send us a message at  

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