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Making a sale
How to make your first sale
How to make your first sale

Learn how to make a sale on your pos app

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To make a sale, start by adding a product to the cart. Here's how:

  • Go to the 'Products' screen on your POS app 

  • Tap on the products you want to add. If a product has variants, you have to first choose the right variant (e.g. size)

  • The product now appears in the cart on the right side

Pro tip: you can assign a customer to the cart, give discount on product or cart level

  • Once you've added your products, you can click 'Pay' button

  • Choose the payment method (cash, card, gift card, etc.)

Pro tip: enable gratuity on the settings so you can easily track the tips earned 

See how it's done in our video tutorial below:

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