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How to switch between open carts
How to switch between open carts
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With Countr, you can switch between open carts and continuously add products to a client bill until they decided to pay. 

In Settings > General > Cart Settings you can type how many open carts you want to have. Our default open carts are 5 but you can change to whatever you prefer.

Switching orders:

Step 1:
Head on over to the Product screen and tap the 3 little squares in the top right corner

Step 2:
You'll now see your open carts menu. To switch between open carts, tap one of the cart you want to open. 

You can switch between open carts in this menu and keep adding or editing the bill until you decided to make the final transaction and bill the customer.

Step 3:
To edit the names of the orders, tap the gear icon in the right corner and the pencil icon next to the order name.

You can now change the name and save it.

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