Create your Countr orders in Lightspeed

If you want to keep track of your inventory, you can set up order sync. Learn how to enable this in 3 easy steps.

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Order sync means that every time you process a sale in Countr, the order is also created in your Lightspeed backoffice. This lets you track inventory from your offline sales and online sales in one place.  

Step 1: Login to your Lightspeed backoffice and go to the Settings page

Login to your Lightspeed backoffice and head on to the Settings page.

Step 2: Select Shipping Methods and create a new shipping method with title 'pickup'.

In the General tab, select the type 'Store pickup'. (Click on Save) In the Countries tab, please select this as available in all countries.(Click on Save) In the Weights tab, select correct the cost to zero (Click on Save).

Step 3: Select Payment Methods and add 'Pay at Pickup'. Set status to 'On'



Note: If the order is processed in your physical store as an invoice, then it is created as an open order in Lightspeed (the shipping is not marked as completed).

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